Valley Improv

Audition Information

Valley Improvisers all together

Thank you for your interest in auditioning for Valley Improv!

Our auditions happen once a year. This year, they will be on May 19th at 6:15pm at the CCBA outdoor pavilion in Lebanon, NH. (See below for more information the location.)

Auditions are a low-pressure way for you to meet us and us to meet you. We hope that it gives you the information to decide whether you want to try improv...or not.

Valley Improvisers all together

The auditions will involve warming up together, including a name game and some icebreakers. Then we’ll teach some basic improv games and that we’ll all play together.

No experience or preparation is necessary. Just bring a willingness to collaborate, try new things, and have fun!

It’s helpful if you tell us about yourself before you arrive.

“Golconda” by René Magritte

Some things you might want to know about us:

  • When the weather is good, we practice Thursday nights for about two hours outside
  • In the winter during the pandemic, we’ve met over Zoom
  • This winter, we may meet inside or over Zoom, depending on the troupe’s preferences
  • We have shows approximately monthly, but we don’t pressure anyone to perform
  • Most of our performance venues require that performers be vaccinated against COVID-19, so we are all vaccinated
  • We believe improv is a team sport—so we all succeed together (or the opposite)
  • We have a lot of fun together! And we’re really nice and supportive!
  • Some of us have decades of experience at the nation’s finest improv schools
  • Some of us had literally never done improv before joining
  • We teach the basics of improv for a few months following auditions, so it’s helpful if you come every week if possible
  • During normal times, we have contributed dues ($5-10/month) to pay for practice spaces
Valley Improv in action

If you want general information about Valley Improv, check out our main page.

If you’d like to see people doing the same style of improv that we do, check out some clips of Whose Line Is It Anyway.

Audition Location

Map to Valley Improv auditions

Auditions will be on May 19th at 6:15pm at the outdoor pavilion behind the Carter Community Building Association Witherell Recreation Center at 1 Taylor Street, Lebanon.

See map on the right above or google maps.

Photo of the CCBA WRC outdoor pavilion

You are looking for an open-air pavilion, right behind the CCBA Witherell Recreation Center.

See photo on the left above.


It is helpful if you give us some information about yourself or just let us know that you’re coming using our contact form.

But if you haven’t gotten in touch, it’s still fine to come.